Keith S. Bunch

Keith S. Bunch

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I’m Keith, an Albany, NY resident with a profound love for transforming outdoor spaces. Over the past 12 years, I’ve immersed myself in the world of fences, outdoor design, and the art of conveying these experiences through writing.

From the vibrant landscapes of Albany, I draw inspiration for crafting fences that seamlessly blend functionality with the natural beauty that surrounds us. As an avid writer, I articulate the stories of outdoor living, sharing insights on fence materials, design trends, and the joy of connecting with nature.

Albany’s rich history and diverse scenery influence my work, creating outdoor spaces that resonate with the local spirit. Let’s embark on a journey together to turn your outdoor dreams into a reality!

Latest Articles by Keith S. Bunch

  • How to Install Wood Fence with Metal Posts? (Step By Step)

    How to Install Wood Fence with Metal Posts? (Step By Step)

    imagine you have a super cool wooden fence that keeps your yard safe and looks really nice. Now, we’re going to make it even better by adding strong metal posts to hold up the fence. It’s like giving your fence superhero powers! You see, wood is great, but metal posts make the fence super strong…

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  • Lattice Top Wood Fence Panels (Explained)

    Lattice Top Wood Fence Panels (Explained)

    Building a wooden fence will allow you to choose from many styles. Modifying a wooden fence to suit your tastes is quite easy,  and one way to accomplish this is to add a lattice wooden fence topper or by starting out your fence project with a lattice top wood fence panel. If you’re looking to…

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  • How To Protect Wood Fence From WeedEater? (Explained)

    How To Protect Wood Fence From WeedEater? (Explained)

    Weeds will grow in abundance around the fence line and avoid cracking the fence posts that will weaken the foundation, regular maintenance is needed in order to remove the weeds. It can be removed by hand but that is very time-consuming so people usually use a weed whacker or weed eater to get the job…

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