How To Protect Wood Fence From WeedEater

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Weeds will grow in abundance around the fence line and avoid cracking the fence posts that will weaken the foundation, regular maintenance is needed in order to remove the weeds.

It can be removed by hand but that is very time-consuming so people usually use a weed whacker or weed eater to get the job done quicker, but this presents a new problem. How to protect the wooden fence from a weed eater’s blades spinning at high speeds that are enough to chip away at the fence? 

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Will String Trimmer (Weed Wacker) Damage Wood Fence?

Yes, a string trimmer or weed wacker will damage a wooden fence. Whether it is using nylon string or a metal blade to do the cutting, at the speed at which it rotates, each hit on the fence will start chipping off bits and pieces from the fence.

This is especially bad when the fence has a protective finish, like stains and paints, which will be compromised and will expose the wood underneath leading to the possible entry of moisture and insects to infest the wood, causing wood rot. 

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How Do You Protect A Wooden Fence From A Weed Eater?

  • Fence Post Protector: a fence post protector can be purchased and is made of galvanized steel or hard plastic. It works by having to be clipped on and assembled around the fence post. This will add a hard layer of protection against potential scratches from blades and animals.

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  • PVC Pipes: Before attaching the fence panels or railings, a PVC pipe with a diameter equal to the width of the fence post and a height that will reach below the first railing can be fitted through a fence post until it reaches the base, It will work to protect the post’s foundations because PVC material is a hard plastic making it durable enough to withstand blows from a weed eater. 
  • Attach a Kickboard: A kickboard on a fence serves as an additional layer of protection against moisture entering the fence post. It can also protect the fence post and pickets from the blades or nylon strings on a weed eater, and because it is not load-bearing, possible damage incurred by the kickboard will not be structurally detrimental to the entire fence. It can be made of wood or stone, with stone being more durable and so will take longer to show signs of damage from a weed eater. 

Easiest Way To Use Weed Eater Near A Wooden Fence

The easiest way to use a weed eater near a wooden fence, to avoid damaging it, is just to be attentive and careful. Observing where the fence line ends and the fence’s surface begins is easy enough that you can angle the weed eater to avoid hitting the fence.

It’s also recommended that when cutting, make the weeds or grass come into contact between the 8 to 11 o’clock positions to avoid stronger kickbacks observed when solid objects come into contact with the 12 to 2 o’clock positions. 

It is also advisable to use both hands when controlling the weed eater for better control and maneuvering, as well as removing hard debris that can cause the weed eater to kick back, like rocks, bottles, and sticks.

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Final Thoughts

The convenience that a weed eater brings in terms of removing unwanted plant growth is undeniable, even if there is the possibility that it will damage the fence materials around it.

However, protecting a wooden fence from a weed eater’s blades is possible and isn’t a foregone consequence. There are many remedies to this problem from cheap post-construction attachments to modifications during the fence’s construction.

All of these will allow you to use weed eaters without much worry about what damage it may cause to your wooden fence. 

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