Guardian Pool Fence Review

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Having an in-house pool is a great choice for many property owners, and by having a pool, regulations and safety considerations should be followed. Having a pool and small children around invites the risk that a small child will drown.

This is why there are many companies that have sought to provide an easy-to-install and maintain pool fence. One of these companies that sell affordable pool fences is Guardian. 

We’ll look into Guardian’s Pool Fences, so read more to find out what makes this fence unique and worth buying.

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What Is Guardian Pool Fence?

Guardian Pool Fence is a company that aims to sell high-quality and affordable pool fences. Since 2004, they have operated certified dealerships and offered professional installments for their products, earning them consistent praise from their customers and especially for their customer service.

Guardian’s pool fences are supported by PVC posts and have an excellently made mesh that will surround the perimeter of your pool fence. 

Guardian Pool Fence Overview

Guardian’s pool fences are customizable, durable, and removable. This means the fence can be locked away, stored, and transported without great difficulty.

Guardian’s lineup of pool fences consists of two kinds: the ‘No Holes Pool Fence’ and their ‘Premier Pool Fence’. These are both very customizable and offer an easy-to-maintain pool fence, which has its own unique features. 

No Holes Pool Fence

  • No drilling is involved to install fence posts
  • Comes in: 4ft, 4.5ft, and 5ft
  • PVC-reinforced Marine-grade Aluminum rods, with steel rods at the base. 
  • Pole diameter: ½ inches
  • poles are Available in the Colors: Gray, Black, Beige, Green, and Brown 
  • Mesh is Available in Green, Brown, and Black

Premier Pool Fence

  • Requires drilling holes to install pool posts
  • Comes in: 4ft, 4.5ft, and 5ft
  • PVC-reinforced Marine-grade Aluminum rods, with steel rods at the base. 
  • Pole diameter: ½ inches
  • Poles are Available in the Colors:  Gray, Black, Beige, Green, and Brown 
  • Mesh is Available in Green, Brown, and Black

Our Pick

Guardian Pool Fence Alternative

VINGLI pool fence is an in-ground pool safety fence that keeps your children and pets safe from the swimming pool. It has a top-quality mesh fabric that will not crack easily and can be used for a long time. When not in use, you can roll it up for easy storage and preservation.

Key Features

Each of Guardian’s Pool Fence models has its own patented designs and features that make them stand out compared to each other and to other brands.

Guardian “No Holes Pool Fence”

No holes installation: without drilling holes into the foundation, Guardian’s “No Holes Pool Fence” is stabilized through high-density polyethylene bases that are filled with water to keep the posts in place. 

Guardian “Premier Pool Fence”

Pool Fence Gate: the fence gates are always the most susceptible to getting bypassed, either through being accidentally left open or because children have learned to climb over them. Guardian prevents this through their patented technology that makes the fence gate:

Self-closing: through the use of a torsioned hinge, once the gate has been opened and let go, it will slowly move back into the closed position. 

Self-latching: the latches on this fence gate are both self-latching and can be locked using a key. Using a magnetic latch, it will latch onto the fence gate’s latch once it gets near enough. 

Non-climbable: Guardian’s pool fence gates have no crossbar. This prevents children from latching onto it for support or to gain leverage when climbing

Pros and Cons

Before deciding to go through with asking for the free quote and purchasing your own removable mesh pool fence, make sure you know the pros and cons of picking a pool fence system from Guardian. 


  • “No Holes Pool Fence” preserves the foundation’s integrity due to not having to drill holes.
  • PVC-reinforced aluminum with a steel core serves as the material for the pool fence’s posts. Providing a sturdier pool fence post. 
  • Has a fool-proof fence gate.
  • Available in multiple colors. 
  • Provides free estimates for the total Costs of installing a Guardian Pool Fence. 


  • Water is needed to fill up all the bags that will serve as the base, supporting the pool fence posts.  
  • Pool fence poles use aluminum coated with PVC, with a steel core. Making it heavier than commonly used fiberglass fence posts. 

Guardian Pool Fence Cost

There are several factors that will go into determining how much the Guardian’s pool fence system will cost. How high the fence will be, the number of gates to be installed, and the surface that the fence will be installed over, all will affect the final estimate.

However, pool fences and installation from Guardian Pool Fences will on average go for $1500-$3000. To get an accurate estimate, contact Guardian Pool Fence to get a free quote. 

Is It For You?

Is Guardian’s pool fence for you? The number of safety features from self-closing gates to reinforced fence posts, and the wide range of colors available will make a lot of people go for this pool fence.

Guardian also has a “no-drill required” pool fence model that will only require owners to just fill some plastic bags with water, and if you’re still having doubts, Guardian’s pool fences have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

However, if you are looking for a more permanent fence or a fence that fits a certain aesthetic, then this pool fence from Guardian may not be the best choice. 

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Guardian Pool Fence Dealers

If you have decided to get Guardian’s pool fence then don’t hesitate to call the nearest dealer to obtain a free quote. Dealers are available in nearly every US state, Mexico, France, the UAE, and Canada. 

Check this link to see the list of dealers

Final Thoughts

Pool safety is important and is often mandated by governing bodies if an establishment or person wishes to have an in-house pool. If you value safety, affordability, and long-lasting products, then Guardian’s pool fence is for you.

Guardian, with its history of excellent customer service and high-quality materials used for its products along with the combination of features at a competitive price point, will surely not disappoint its buyers. 

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