EnduroShield’s Glass Treatment For Pool Fence Review

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Bright and shiny surfaces like glass, ceramic, and steel are prone to accumulate dirt over time, and so will lose their luster. Glass especially is prone to grime and dirt accumulating over its surface and so will diminish the advantages of having glass as a material.

This is why there is a market for coatings and surface treatments that when applied, will prevent dirt from penetrating the surface or will speed up cleaning, and one leading brand in this space is EnduroShield.

In this article, we will review EnduroShield’s glass cleaner, and how it can be applied to glass walls, frameless pool fences, and the like. 

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EnduroShield Glass Treatment

EnduroShield is a nano-technology that creates an invisible shield on glass surfaces. It repels water, oil, and soap scum making cleaning easier than ever before. Simply spray the solution onto any smooth non-porous surface and watch as it beads up and repels away.

What Is Enduroshield?

EnduroShield is a leading manufacturer of coatings and surface treatments with a wide range of products that can be applied to glass, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum, and floor tile surfaces.

EnduroShield prides itself on having an innovative cadre of chemists that utilize nanotechnology to advance their products, with EnduroShield’s research culture, EnduroShield won the NSW Premier Export Award of 2010 in recognition of its competitive exports. 

EnduroShield, being a major exporter of surface coatings and treatments, has a wide array of products for any kind of surface material. From glass to metals, EnduroShield has a surface treatment compound for it. 

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Enduroshield’s Array Of Products: 

  • EnduroShield Glass Treatment
  • EnduroShield Tile and Grout Treatment
  • EnduroShield Stainless Treatment
  • EnduroShield Rain Repellent 

Benefits Of Enduroshield’s Glass Treatment Or Cleaner

Key Features

  • The thin coating prevents stain-causing molecules from staining the glass, like Chlorine from pools.
  • Reduces the time it takes to clean glass panels.
  • Prevents the build-up of stains, etches, and buildup of dirt on the glass itself.
  • UV resistant so the coating doesn’t degrade due to sun exposure.
  • Warranty: 3 years for DIY application and up to 10 years for professional application.

Enduroshield Glass Cleaner Overview

Normally, the glass would absorb many particles from the fluid it comes into contact with, for example in frameless glass pool fences, chlorine and other dirt can adsorb onto the glass panels which will lead to it losing its clear transparency.

However, with a thin coating formed when the glass treatment is applied to the glass, the glass underneath will be sealed and so counteracts the glass’ porous nature.

This will repel all sorts of stain-causing molecules and will cut cleaning time by preventing these molecules from absorbing into the surface. 

EnduroShield Glass Cleaner comes in three different sizes: 

  • Small: $39.99
    • 125mL kit (comes with steel wool and microfiber cloth)
    • Enough for 80 sq. ft
  • Medium: $79.00
    • 250mL kit (comes with steel wool and microfiber cloth)
    • Enough for 172 sq. ft
  • Large: $119
    • 500mL kit (comes with a squeegee, steel wool, and microfiber cloth)
    • Enough for 344 sq. ft

Using only the smallest kit, which contains 125mL of the compound and 125mL of a pre-cleaner, it is enough to cover 80 sq. ft. This allows a wide area to be covered with just a few volumes worth of EnduroShield’s glass surface treatment compound, which can be applied to any glass surface. 


  • All kits come with steel wool and other cleaning accessories.
  • Counteracts glass’ porous nature
  • Generous Warranty.
  • Removes the need for expensive glass restoration or cleaning chemicals. 


  • The microfiber cloth is small.
  • The uneven application will leave noticeable streaks.

Is EuroShield For You?

If you are looking to reduce water stains, and fog caused by showers, or make windows and glass fence panels easier to clean, then this is the product that you need.

It has good value, especially at the $119 price point which comes around to $0.346 per sq. ft, along with the added benefit of less time spent cleaning the glass panels because the glass will be free of stains for longer periods of time.

It can also be applied to pool fence panels made of glass, windows, glass shower doors, and many other glass surfaces making this a great choice for those who need a great amount of flexibility. 

Enduroshield Alternative


A competitor of EnduroShield in the glass stain-repellent market, PROSOCO has also formulated its own protective coating for glass, called “Strippable Masking”.

Its features are largely similar to EnduroShield’s glass treatment, in that both make the glass surface easier to clean and prevent stains from occurring, the difference between the two boils down to the different available sizes sold and how much surface area can be covered per milliliter of the treatment compound.

PROSOCO only being able to cover 0.0594 sq. ft per mL compared to EnduroShield’s 0.688 sq. ft per mL.


  • More efficient if you have a large surface area of glass that you need to coat.


  • Does not come with cleaning accessories

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Final Thoughts

EnduroShield’s formulation for their glass surface treatment compound certainly gets the job done and will benefit anyone that has large glass panels like in the window or pool areas.

Keeping these glass surfaces clean will let you enjoy the full beauty of your surroundings and will ensure that the investments put into frameless glass pool fences, large windows, and the like are not wasted due to grime and dirt.

EnduroShield is one of the better brands to get for these purposes and it stacks well against products made by its main competitors. It will surely not disappoint in protecting your glass panels. 

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