How To Choose the Best Retractable Pool Fence

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Pool fences are a necessary addition to anyone’s residential or commercial pool. One can go for a more stylish option, and choose a frameless glass pool fence, or go with a convenient and an easy to set-up fence system.

One type that fits both of these descriptions is the removable or retractable pool fence. This type of pool fence offers an easy installation coupled with a reliable safety barrier, but with the many options out there, how can you narrow down the choices?

Read more to find out why and where you should pick up your retractable pool fence, and which retractable pool fence is currently the best out there in the market. 

Our Pick

PexFix Swimming Pool Fences

The fence is easy to install and easy to remove, making it perfect for any situation. When not in use, the fence can be easily rolled up, making it very easy to store and preserve. Made of lightweight and sturdy 1.4mm wall thickness aluminum foot tube and 340gms Teslin grid fabric, this fence is worn and tear-resistant and high temperature resistant.

What Is Retractable Glass Pool Fence?

Despite the name, what is referred to as retractable glass pool fences are not like mesh-paneled retractable pool fences.

The retractable glass pool fence refers to a gate that works as a sliding glass door. These frameless glass pool fences have doors that are retractable into the sides of the fence.

What makes the meshed removable pool fences easy to disassemble is that the mesh is flexible, unlike glass, which makes it the perfect material for a fence that is to be present for most of the year and then folded and stored away for when the establishment is not open to the public. 

How Do Removable Pool Fences Work?

Removable or retractable pool fences are easier to disassemble compared to permanent fences because of how it is embedded into the foundation. Other types of fences would have the posts screwed into the foundation or be embedded into the concrete or ground.

Removable pool fences avoid this and achieve simpler assembly and disassembly by only attaching the posts to the foundation through a mechanism.

A hole will be drilled into the foundation and that is where the fence posts will be inserted, as opposed to cementing the fence posts deep underground. 

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What is a Retractable Pool Fence Above Ground?

Special fence systems made for above-ground pool fences come in non-retractable forms where the fence system must be drilled into the side of the above-ground pool and is not as easy to disassemble.

The same kind of retractable pool fence for in-ground pools will not differ much from the retractable pool fences used for in-ground pools because the usual retractable mesh pool fence will still prevent children from accessing the above-ground pool.

The removable pool fence just needs to be a sufficient height to prevent children from climbing over it. 

Criteria For Selecting the Best Retractable Pool Fence

Here we listed 5 of our best picks for a retractable pool fence based on these three categories:

  • Price: The price is definitely an important factor. It matters little how great the pool fence is if it destroys the budget, so we compared the removable pool fences if the strength and amount of features will warrant the price, but we did not sacrifice quality for price because safety is the primary reason for why we need a pool fence.
  • Features: to stand out, some manufacturers will add features that will supposedly make the product easier to use or have added safety and protection. Features that only serve to increase safety and durability were listed in the ‘Pros’ section of the recommendations.  
  • Durability: some retractable fences are just built to last better than others, and this is evident with the kind of materials the manufacturers use. Different kinds of metals or plastic will influence how long the fence posts will last because of factors like corrosion. 

Best Retractable Pool Fence

  1. Best Choice: Removable Pool Fence From Protect A Child
  2. PexFix 4 x 12 Feet Pool Fence Swimming Pool Fence
  3. VISIGUARD 4’x12’ by Sentry Safety Child Safe Pool Fence
  4. Coarbor Outdoor Privacy Pool Fence
  5. PATIO Outdoor Fence Privacy Screen

Best Choice: Removable Pool Fence From Protect A Child

Protect-A-Child’s removable pool fence sports the most features compared to anything on this list, with its fiberglass posts removing the chance of corrosion, it also sports automatic latches and comes in a variety of colors. Coming in terracotta red, desert tan, cool gray, and bright white.

The color also won’t easily fade due to its UV-resistant mesh. These ensure that you will definitely find one that fits in with the aesthetics of your pool and that it will be worth your hard-earned cash.


  • No chance of corrosion
  • Lifetime warranty on the fence posts
  • Mesh comes in multiple colors and is UV protected 
  • Automatic latch


  • Price varies depending on the quote but ranges around ~$500-~$1500 for a project. 

Pexfix 4 X 12 Feet Pool Fence Swimming Pool Fence

This removable pool fence, PexFix, is a 12 feet long mesh that is 4 feet high. Its posts are made of aluminum making the overall fence lighter compared to other fences with similar dimensions, making this pool fence by PexFix easier to transport


  • Lighter fence posts


  • Not much features
  • Does not come in colors besides black


This fence system by Visiguard is a 12 feet long mesh supported by 5 posts and is 4 feet tall. These posts have a steel rod as the core with a PVC outer layer that reinforces the steel, protecting the steel underneath from the elements and thus making it last longer against rust. It also comes in the colors: white, black, beige, brown, and green.


  • Steel fence posts reinforced with PVC


  • Not much features

Coarbor Outdoor Privacy Pool Fence

Coarbor’s pool fence is 24 feet long and 6 feet tall, and with a price of $149.99, it makes it a great and budget-friendly option for those who are looking for a tall fence. It also comes in a wide range of colors: silver, gray, brown, beige, orange, hollow green, hollow beige, hollow brown, and hollow gray.


  • 6 feet tall
  • Available in 10 different colors. 


  • Not many features and fence material is not disclosed

PATIO Outdoor Fence Privacy Screen

This removable pool fence by the Patio sports a 24 feet long mesh that is 4 feet high making the cost per linear foot, just for the removable pool fence $4.08.

This makes it the cheapest fence choice in this list and is the one to get if the very basic pool fence features are needed, and is not restrictive when it comes to color options because it comes in beige, brown, gray, green, orange, hollow beige, hollow brown, and hollow gray. 


  • Comes in 8 different colors. 
  • Cheapest option.


  • Not many features and fence material is not disclosed

Final Thoughts

Removable or retractable pool fences are quick to install and offer a ton of flexibility compared to wooden and glass pool fences. Choosing one seems daunting because of the number of choices out there but by following the criteria and recommendations outlined previously: price, features, and durability. Then landing on the perfect retractable pool fence for you will happen in no time, so continue shopping to finally find the removable pool fence that works best for you. 

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