Protect A Child Pool Fence Review

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Swimming pools are a great source of fun and for families who wish to beat the heat with their own personal pools, it also invites a serious hazard to your household if you have a young child with you.

A small child is susceptible to drowning even in a kiddy pool making accidental drownings a serious problem and hazard, and that is why Protect A Child Pool Fence has spent years perfecting its fence models to provide great protection and prevent the worst-case scenario from happening.

Read more to find out about what makes Protect A Child Pool Fence special and how it stops children from falling into a pool. 

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Do I Need A Fence Around My Kiddie Pool?

Yes, a kiddie pool should have a fence surrounding it. This is to avoid children accidentally drowning because they were playing or running near the pool, especially if they haven’t learned how to float and can’t reach the pool’s floor.

This is a very real hazard with 300 children below the age of 5 dying in 2012 because of drowning in their family’s backyard pool.

It is very serious that several states, including places like Arizona and New York, require that a pool of at least 18 inches in depth at any point and 8 feet wide at any point should have a protective barrier or fence that is at least 5 feet in height and should not have any openings more than 4 inches in diameter.

These regulations cover kiddie pools too because kiddie pools range from 2-3 feet in depth. 

Protect A Child Pool Fence Parts

A lightweight safety pool fence needs to be made of materials that are both lightweight and durable. Protect A Child Pool Fence achieves this through its components:

  • Composite Fiberglass Posts: made of fiberglass, this allows the pool fence’s posts to have a high load density making it both lightweight and able to withstand large loads including supporting the weight of a fully grown man. The fence’s posts also come with a lifetime warranty showing how confident the manufacturers are in its strength. 
  • Weatherproof Mesh: the mesh is a translucent barrier allowing you to observe the pool. It is a shock absorbent that will cushion anything that will fall against it and is non-scalable, meaning that children cannot climb over the fence and put themselves in harm’s way. It is also UV resistant and anti-microbial making it resistant to the weathering effects of the sun.

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Protect A Child Pool Fence Features

Besides the high-quality components, the Protect A Child Pool Fence comes in many colors: Chocolate Brown, True Black, Desert Tan, Bright White, and many other combination styles for you to choose from are available to be purchased. 

Protect A Child Pool Fences also boasts an array of features that contribute to the security and strength of the fence:

  • Lock in Deck Posts: To secure the posts to the foundation, a hole is drilled into the ground, this is where the pool fence posts will be attached and will need to be twisted in after being inserted. This will lock in the fence posts and make it difficult for wind, rain, and young children to remove the fence posts
  • Point Lock Latches: This holds the fence sections together by using a galvanized steel latch that has a component that will click into place, as well as a nut to prevent the latch from going backward. This mechanism prevents small and non-dexterous fingers from unraveling the fence sections.
  • Self-Closing Gates: the gate contains a magnetically triggered gate latch that will latch onto the frame and stay in place, once near the post, significantly lowering the risk that you’ll accidentally leave the fence gate open. The pool fence gate also comes with a key for further security. 

Our Pick

Protect a Child Fence Alternative

VINGLI pool fence is an in-ground pool safety fence that keeps your children and pets safe from the swimming pool. It has a top-quality mesh fabric that will not crack easily and can be used for a long time. When not in use, you can roll it up for easy storage and preservation.

How Much Does Protect A Child Pool Fence Cost

A standard pool fence section from Protect A Child Pool Fence contains 6 posts supporting a 15 feet-long mesh. The lower-end total cost of a project is at least $500 for an average pool located in the sunbelt, so places such as Texas, Louisiana, and Arizona. Meanwhile, it can go up to $5000 for a pool fence surrounding a large pool.

The exact cost will depend on the difficulty of the terrain around the pool (i.e are there many elevated portions), the total perimeter of the fence, and the total height of the fence sections ordered. A representative will likely need to see these details before the final costs can be determined. 

Protect A Child Pool Fence Dealers

If you’re looking to buy a pool fence, look no further and contact your local Protect A Child’s Fence dealers. There is one in nearly every state, except for Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska.

They offer many services like measuring the perimeter of the pool fence needed or offering quotes on how much the project will cost.  Each branch has a dealer so rest assured that your concerns will be handled and that the wait time won’t be too long before you get your answers. 


  • Protect-A-Child of Phoenix
    • Landline: (480) 951-0622
    • Dealer: Dane Bramhill
  • Protect-A-Child of Tucson
    • Landline: (520) 991-2260
    • Dealer: Christopher Bradford


  • Protect-A-Child of Sacramento
    • Landline: (530) 622-9525
    • Dealer: Jeff Brake
  • Protect-A-Child of Los Angeles
    • Landline: 818-710-9979
    • Dealer: John Stauffer


  • Protect-A-Child of Dallas
    • Landline: (214) 676-3132
    • Dealer: Greg Dorman
  • Protect-A-Child of Austin
    • Landline: (903) 910-9157
    • Dealer: Ron West

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Final Thoughts

Every household with a pool and small children should definitely get a pool fence, whether or not it is required by law, it is a prudent choice to avoid the worst-case scenario when having kids play near a pool.

The pool fence would obviously have to be durable, and lightweight for easy assembly and disassembly, and needs to have wide-reaching customer service to cater to your locality.

The Protect A Child Pool Fence is a good candidate that fits these descriptions for when you decide to buy a pool fence, with its many different styles, efficient and easy-to-contact service, and high-quality materials being used for the fence.

It is one of the best the market has to offer so don’t wait and contact your state’s nearest Protect A Child dealer.

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