How To Install Frameless Glass Pool Fence

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Pool fences are a stylish and necessary addition to somebody’s pool. Besides preventing young children from accessing the pool without supervision, the fences will heavily influence the aesthetics around the pool.

For those who want a clear-cut view of the natural surroundings and their pool, then getting a frameless glass fence system is a good and popular choice.

These give off a minimalist aesthetic and provide a clear view of the pool while still providing a sturdy fence because of the tempered glass panels. Find out more about frameless glass pool fences by reading the rest of the article below. 

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Frameless Glass Pool Fence Price

The price of frameless glass pool fences will vary between locations and vendors, but on average, the lowest starting point will be $89 per foot.

For higher-end fence systems, the costs can rise up to $180 per foot just for the fence materials, and because most people won’t have experience installing a glass pool fence, factoring in installation costs will increase the costs by an extra $13-$20 added per foot. 

Adding everything up will yield a price of $102 per square foot of the middle section of a lower-end model frameless glass pool fence, with the higher-end models costing $200 per square foot.

An exact cost can only be provided through the vendor’s estimate and it is best to consult multiple vendors before settling on one. 

Frameless Glass Pool Fence Spigots

A frameless glass pool fence does not have a frame that outlines the four sides of the panel, nor does it have fence posts, it instead has spigots.

The glass panels are mounted onto small metallic structures, called spigots, which will then clamp onto the glass. 

Each panel typically has two spigots near the two ends of the panel to support the panel’s weight. The spigot is screwed into the foundation and is sometimes concreted to provide greater stability. 

Frameless Glass Pool Fence Channel

If you are looking for the most minimalist aesthetic and don’t want to see metal spigots protruding from the ground, then you should look for a frameless glass pool fence channel.

This works by having a slot left into the foundation where a U-channel will be placed, it is in this channel that the glass fence panel will be grouted in to hold it in place. 

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How To Install A Frameless Glass Pool Fence

For this guide, we are going to explain the more simple method of installing a frameless glass pool fence system, one that uses spigots to hold the glass panels. 

Before we get started, it is best to have all these equipment:

  1. Cordless Drill
  2. Level
  3. Measure tape
  4. Deck screw
  5. Post markers or nails
  6. Pencil
  7. Glass gloves
  8. String for outlining the fence’s perimeter
  9. The fence system from the vendor

Outline The Perimeter Of The Pool Fence

  • The first step is to use nails or post markers to serve as the anchor for the string which will be used to outline the perimeter of the fence by tying the string around the nails or post markers. 

Place The Spigots Along The String Line

  • Read the instructions that came along with the frameless glass pool fence set for how far apart the spigots have to be, this will vary between different sizes of fence panels. Once you get the measurements, mark the spots, and place the spigots under the string line. 

Secure The Spigots

  • Use the cordless to drill holes through the spigot’s pre-drilled holes before drilling in the screws. After this, drill the spigots in place by driving in the deck screws.
  • Place aesthetic covers over the spigots to hide the screws and to have a cleaner look. 

Place The Metal Plate And Rubber Spacer Into The Spigot 

  • Attach the metal plate to the blank space in the spigot.
  • Place the rubber spacer in a U-shape into the spigot but leave some part of it outside the spigot.

Insert The Glass Panel

  • Now it’s time to insert the glass panel into the spigots. Once inserted use a level to check if it is all aligned. We recommend installing the glass panels and securing them one panel at a time. 

Secure the glass panels

  • Use the Allen key and tighten the bolts in the spigot which will clamp onto the glass panel. 

Install Hinges for the Gate

  • Assemble the hinges according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Afterward, insert the bolt into the hinge and the holes on the fence panel that contains the holes (hinge panel). Don’t forget to use the rubber plate to cushion the glass against the hinge. 
  • Tighten the hinge onto the glass panel by screwing in nuts and attaching the other half of the hinge onto the gate panel, also by inserting the bolts through the gate panel and securing it with nuts. 

Install the Latch for the Gate

  • Assemble the latch according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Attach the latch to the other end of the gate panel the same way the hinges were attached, then tighten it with an Allen key.

Install the Second Part of the Latch

  • Slip in the second part of the latch and make sure the gate is closed, then the two latches are aligned with each other. 

Tension the Hinge

  • The gate must automatically slowly close after being left open. This is to prevent it from being left open. Use the large pin to apply tension onto the hinge and use the shorter pin to lock it in place. If the gate doesn’t automatically close after being left open, then redo the tension. 

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Bunnings Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Being the leading hardware store in Australia by market share, Bunnings offers a wide selection of frameless glass pool fences, with the price ranging from $83 – $151 (AUD) you are sure to find something within your budget that fits your desired specifications. Here are just a few:

Architects Choice 1200 x 1200 x 12mm Glass Pool Fence Panel

One of their basic glass fence panel models, the 12mm toughened safety glass is enough for most frameless glass pool fences in terms of price and durability. 

Architects Choice 1100 x 970 x 12mm Heat Soaked Glass Panel Balustrade

Brunning’s higher-end model’s virtue of sporting a 12mm heat-soaked glass panel that increases durability and ensures a long-lasting fence life. 

Final Thoughts

Safety should be a top priority around the swimming pool, but this doesn’t mean that there can’t be any style. The frameless glass pool fence is clearly the perfect choice for adding a minimalist design that will not obstruct your view, with the leading manufacturer’s tempered glass engineering, the panels provide clear and durable safety barriers. It is no doubt the primary pool fence choice if your pool has an amazing view. 

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