Rustic Pool Fence Ideas

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Pool fences can come in many styles, some prefer more modern styles, but others like an old-fashioned fence that will greatly blend in with the countryside.

If you have a pool in the countryside or in the backyard of a country manor, then going for a pool fence with a rustic style will greatly blend well with the surroundings and won’t make the pool or property look out of place.

Here in this article, we list 17 great-looking rustic fences for everyone to take inspiration from. 

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List of Rustic Pool Fence Ideas


This brown 3-rail wooden pool fence looks like it came straight out of an old country manor, and with the fence caps to tie it all together, it will surely add a rustic charm to your pool area. 


If you like gardening, then pairing a heavy amount of vegetation around the pristine white wooden fence may just make you feel like you are swimming in the middle of the woods. It will be like a private little getaway in the middle of the woods.


Now this one combines a bit of the old and the new, by combining a stone wall, a wooden wall, and a metal fence. Perfect for those who want to blend a modern house with a rural countryside, and also for those who don’t want to use wood for everything. 


A little bit different from the rest on this list, a wooden picket fence with a wire mesh is a great source of inspiration if you want to keep many creatures away from the pool, but still want to experience the wind that a privacy fence will completely block. 


Have your own oasis protected by a three-rail wooden fence, with this fence, you can rest easy that no large animals would interrupt your peaceful oasis. These rough-looking logs will bring a robust and rustic look to your pool area.


Finding the regular 3-railed fence too boring? Add a few stylistic patterns to your pool fence by having these rustic criss-cross-style wooden fences surround your pool area. 


Tired of seeing wood? If you’re looking to do away with a wooden fence, consider this stone fence to surround your backyard pool. Stone does not rot and will exude a rural and quiet countryside vibe.


Perfect for blending a pool into a pastoral background, with its light brown color contrasting against the blue sky and green grass, it will surely bring a rustic and pastoral vibe to your backyard pool.


Want an alternative to all the picket fences? Start your dream home and incorporate a solid wall to surround the backyard pool. It can be made of stone or wood, but either way, it’s sure to give you all the privacy you need while in your pool. 

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Built a little oasis in your backyard? Try this 3-rail fence for a fairy-tale-like setting near some trees or a garden that will go the extra mile to make your property a great countryside getaway. 


For those who have an above-ground pool and want it to make it blend in with a colonial-style house, take inspiration from this pool fence that has been stained with both honey maple and early American wood stain colors. 


Make your pool area more exciting by combining two pool fences made of different woods. This fence idea combines clove brown fence panels, usually made of cedar, with gray wood panels. This brings great contrast and blends in with a rustic setting. 


Do you like gray? Take inspiration from this all-gray but simple wooden privacy fence to surround your pool and give you some much-needed privacy. The gray color will also help hide any imperfections on the wood’s surface. 


If a rustic-style privacy fence isn’t enough, then this combination of different fence picket colors will make it stand out. Pair the gray and brown wood with some green plants to really hide the pool in your backyard, as if it was an oasis hidden by the trees.


Is your pool around or near the woods? This oak-colored fence will fit just right in with the background and won’t make your pool and property look out of place. This will also not obstruct your view of the beautiful surroundings. You could paint use this paint to get an oak-colored finish.


These solid rectangular wooden pickets ensure that random pets won’t just interrupt you while you are enjoying your pool. It also allows a good amount of wind to pass through on those nice and windy days.

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Final Thoughts

After setting up everything, the property, the house, and the pool, it’s important that the pool fence also fits the overall aesthetic and vibe you are trying to aim for. If you live in the countryside, then your pool fence should be exuding a rustic countryside vibe.

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