Pool Fence On Top of a Retaining Wall

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Constructing a pool fence is usually a straightforward process. A perimeter must be formed using the fence posts and fence panels, and after installing the gate, the pool fence is now ready. However, certain structures around the pool can complicate the construction process.

Having a retaining wall, used for holding back soil and other matter will complicate the building process. These walls usually serve as an entrance for children to bypass the pool fences by climbing through the gaps formed between the pool fence and the retaining wall.

One way to prevent this is by also building fences on the wall. In this article, we will illustrate how to attach a pool fence on top of a retaining wall.

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Is It Possible To Attach A Pool Fence To A Retaining Wall?

Yes, pool fences can be attached to a retaining wall. The distance between the pool fence and retaining wall, however, must follow any regulations to be accepted by your local government authorities.

The biggest issue with connecting a pool fence adjacent to a retaining wall is that it allows for a climbable area that children can use to bypass the pool fence.

Can A Retaining Wall Be A Pool Fence?

Yes, a retaining wall can be used as a pool fence, but you should watch out for minimum height requirements with regard to the pool fence’s height.

However, having a retaining wall as a pool fence is also not ideal, if the retaining wall is too short like being smaller than 4 feet or 1.2 meters then children may be able to get enough leverage to get over the retaining wall.

In this case, a pool fence should be built on top of the retaining wall to increase the height and prevent children from climbing over. 

Rules and Regulation

  • The pool fence on top of the retaining wall should not be taller than 2 meters
  • The retaining wall should at least be 4 feet to be an effective pool fence
  • Remove objects and structures within one meter around the fence to prevent forming climbable areas. 

Rules and regulations concerning a pool fence are present in many states, normally, the pool fence is built on top of a retaining wall and should not be more than 2 meters high to avoid having the retaining wall support such a structure.

Climbable areas between the fence and retaining walls are also avoided by mounting a fence to the retaining wall as well to avoid gaps. 

Remember to contact your local government authorities to clear up any matter with regard to the building of a fence on top of or adjacent to a retaining wall. 

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How To Install Pool Fence On Top Of Retaining Wall (Step By Step)

There are multiple ways to install a fence on top of a retaining wall, but most commercially available pool fence kits have posts that can be screwed into a foundation.

Adding a pool fence on top of a retaining wall is a good idea to further increase safety around the pool, and to get started, you’ll need:

  1. Level
  2. Cordless Drill
  3. Measure tape
  4. Markers
  5. Pencil
  6. Pool fence kit

First, ensure that your retaining wall can withstand the additional pressure. If the retaining wall is professionally made using a strong material, then it is possible to add a pool fence on top of it. 

Second, use the level and place markers on where you will drill out the foundation to place the bolts. Make sure to place the markers away from each other with enough space in-between to fit the pool fence mesh’s length. 

Third, drill out the concrete and place it in the bolts or sleeves that come with the pool fence kits. If the pool fence comes with a fence post base, then insert the bolts into the post bases before inserting them into the drilled-out holes. 

Fourth, after drilling out the foundation and placing bolts or fence pole sleeves, insert the fence poles into these holes to set up the pool fence. 

Retaining Wall Distance From The Pool Fence

It is advised that a pool fence be built 1.0 meters away from an adjacent retaining wall to prevent the use of the retaining wall as a jumping-off board to get past the pool fence.

It is also standard that no object that can be used to climb will be placed within a meter of the pool fence. 

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Final Thoughts

Having a retaining wall along one side or the perimeter of a pool fence is useful in terms of aesthetics and utility, however, this allows children to bypass the pool fence if the pool fence was built too close to the retaining wall.

Retaining walls are also sometimes too short to serve as an effective barrier to keep people out of the pool, so it is important that a pool fence is also built on top of the retaining wall to increase safety and reduce the risks of drowning. 

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